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A dream home requires a great deal of effort to realise, but Summerhaus D'zign is here to lend a hand.

In the whirl of decisions and activity that surrounds moving into a new abode, it’s easy to forget that the goal is to create a space that soothes the soul after a long day at work. Here to take on all the heavy lifting is Summerhaus D‘zign, a local interior-design outfit that prides itself on bespoke solutions and novelty designs.

Founded in 2012 by an interior designer and a former banker, Summerhaus D’zign is the type of company that wants to include its clients in the entire design process, from the first inkling of a concept through to the completion of one’s dream home.

Working with the team involves a four-phase approach called "The Summerhaus Experience". The first phase requires reflection on the client's part to determine how his lifestyle and individual preferences will dictate the home's concept. Facilities, amenities and outrageous whimsies are discussed at length at this stage, and Summerhaus promises to do its best to translate them all into possible layouts, themes and colour schemes.

In Phase 2, the team will present its preliminary concepts via a layout plan, 3-D visualisations, ceiling, lighting and electrical plans, and carpentry drawings. Once everything is approved, the hunt begins for the exact materials, furniture and fittings that will turn those pictures into reality. Summerhaus will do all the work in the next phase. The team will be responsible for overseeing the entire project, offering constant monitoring and auditing of the contractor’s work. Clients will be frequently updated on the progress, thanks to multiple onsite inspections to ensure the project is going according to schedule.

Phase 4 is a bit of a misnomer, as it just involves the handover of the house to the satisfied owners. That’s because Summerhaus’ founders Larry Lim and Jess Koh put their customers’ creative agenda first.

With Lim taking care of business operations and Koh as the head of design, the two have found a firm following through word of mouth alone – just by being a design company that’s willing to listen. Homeowners of a River Valley condominium wanted an eclectic aesthetic, and were presented with an entire chalkboard wall for their children to doodle on. Another family requested a modern Balinese look for their house in Upper Thomson Road, and Summerhaus delivered, with clean structural lines and stark colours mixing harmoniously with a selection of more ornate, wooden furniture.

Decorating a home comes with a host of decisions that aren’t always easy to undo, so roping in the experts is never a bad idea. And few are as eager to please as this dynamic duo.