A Personal Approach

Taking on the role of interior design consultant, SUMMERHAUS D'ZIGN gives this home practical living spacing while catering to the family member's individualism

What happens when there are differing opinions on how a home should look like? Interior designers would agree that this is common, whether between husband and wife or parents and children. In such situations, interior design teams play a pivotal role in creating a home that satisfies the different needs of the individual family members. For this family, Summerhaus D'zign played a seasoned hand in mediating between design preferences while giving it a cohesive look.

The house, 8,000 sq ft in all consists of seven bedrooms where the owner and his three-generational family live together. Principal designer Jess Koh says, "Each individual has their own personal preference, resulting in different views and preferences for the overall design style. To strike a balance and fulfill individual tastes, each's personal space was designed starkly different from another. The shared spaces, however were design to take on a neural stance for everyone."

"The main concerns they had too were provision for future needs, as well as having a timeless design that's not 'the trend now', and having bright and airy spaces," she adds. As a rebuild project, the existing house was torn down and a new one rebuilt in its place Summerhaus D'zign was also roped in at the beginning, which paved the way for well-planned interior spaces. This sped up the process of design and construction.

Neutral Ground

While the owner initially pictured a resort-themed interior, the decision fell on a timeless and elegant home. So shared spaces such as the living and dining areas, basement and library are awash in creams and greys. Clean, streamlined designs maintain a restrained and uncluttered feel. This is epitomised in the living area, where the mood is quiet and elegant. "The ceiling is intentionally kept at its highest, at 3.7m even after the false ceiling has been installed. Behind the massive TV feature wall, there are huge storage compartments," says Koh.

The family share a love of books, all of which are housed in the basement library. Here, there are classic editions now no longer available in stores. While it's simple, its a space that's not devoid of aesthetics. The door panels are fitted with wood grain finish with cut inlays that form a geometric pattern. 

To Each His Own

When it comes to the bathroom, it's where the respective owners could let loose with their design ideas. The master bedroom may be all about soothing whites and creams. The bedroom belonging to the owner's son and daughter-in-law takes on a hotel ambiance with wood tines and luxe finishes. Another bedroom is replete with post-modern influences. A splash of purple on one wall livens the space up. While they may appear different at one glance, an emphasis on straight lines and geometric forms unified these interior design themes with a common design language. 

All these can be seen by way of the selected headboard, and customised furnishing suck as desks, wardrobes and beds. The design team also took the time to understand each individuals storage needs. These customised furnishings blend easily into or stand our in the space. 

Expert's Guide

Koh says, "Our role did not stop a planning and proposing design styles We handpicked finishes accessories and fittings together with the homeowner. We went with the owner on multiple trips to select and purchase bathware and sanitary fittings, flooring, furniture, lighting and more. We also helped the homeowner make better decisions by applying the pre-selected items in 3D visualisations before their purchases."

She advises, "It is also important to appoint an interior designer at the very start of any rebuild or reconstruction project. The interior designer serves as a bridge between the homeowner and architect and main contractor."