Inner Beauty

Local interior designer firm Summerhaus D'zign is gaining ground because it know that it's what's inside that counts.

Local interior design outfit Summerhaus D’zign has been making waves since it opened its doors in June 2012. It offers bespoke design solutions to private residential home owners, and has been named in the local media as one of 50 influential designers to watch in Singapore – not bad for a company that’s only four years old.

Summerhaus D’zign was founded by husband and wife team Larry Lim and Jess Koh. He is the brain behind business operations and strategic direction, while she is principal designer and head of the design team. Together, they have started a business that differentiates itself by being dedicated to what the client wants,
offering bespoke solutions and novelty designs in order to make their customers’
unique visions a reality.

“Design is the expression of one’s experience, perceptions and emotions of that moment. We use our understanding of your experiences, likes and lifestyle to
create unique spaces that best represent you and your loved ones,” they say.

Working with Summerhaus D’zign is a breeze, thanks to its simple four-phase
process called The Summerhaus Experience. It starts with a conversation about your family, your habits and your needs. Challenges such as insufficient storage or awkward corners will be covered. Your wish list will be compiled and, together with your interior adviser, you will explore design themes, colours and materials to create a space that’s right for you. 

After the discussions, solutions will be presented. You will go through the finer details of colours, materials, shapes and textures. You will also go shopping for materials, finishes and fittings – part of the process that takes you closer to obtaining your perfect home.

Work will commence once you’ve approved the concept. The team at Summerhaus D’zign will monitor the contractor’s progress, conduct on-site inspections and update you as things move along. Shopping for furniture and complementary furnishings takes place at this stage.

In the final phase, you will receive the key to your newly refurbished home, confident in the process that’s taken place. The Summerhaus Experience has
been proven to satisfy customers, with a significant portion of the firm’s business based on word-of-mouth recommendation. 

It’s not just the ease of working with the staff, but also the quality of the work. Its Monochromatic Space project, which was completed in December 2014, went on to win the Silver A’ Design Award in the annual international A’ Interior Design Awards 2015-2016 in Italy.

The home was designed to meet the client’s specific requests for an elderly friendly space with hidden storage areas, while incorporating the reuse of old furniture. The prize is handed to a firm that’s placed among the top five percentile in terms of outstanding design (after an extensive review by a panel including academics and
established professionals), making this a well-deserved win for the firm.

Another recent project that showcases Summerhaus D’zign’s expertise is Trevose,
which involved the rebuilding of an 8,000 sq ft bungalow that was more than 40 years old. With a three-generational family living under one roof, the team had to design seven rooms that were tailored to each occupants’ preferences. The common
living areas were designed to be neutral, as a counterpoint to the different styles of
each of the bedrooms, and the result was a harmonious, luxurious modern home. 

A living space that’s functional, beautiful, and bears the imprint of your taste is not a tall order. Just ask the people at Summerhaus D’zign, who know all about discovering your inner beauty, and channelling it into great interior design.