Mixed In Harmony

Working with different elements to create an eclectic style may be a challenging task but Summerhaus D'zign rises to the occasion for one of its recent home projects

“The client wanted to keep the design as simple as possible so that they can let their collectibles take centrestage,” says Jess Koh, principal designer of interior design firm Summerhaus D'zign. For Koh, listening to what the homeowner needs is crucial to the design of the company’s projects as it forms one of the steps in Summerhaus’ four-stage design process from brief to completion.

So in keeping with the client’s wishes, as well as taking into account the varied collections the homeowner has amassed over the years (from ornamental displays to record albums as well as vintage furniture and sewing machines), the team at Summerhaus conceived a unique design that combines eclecticism with contemporary accents.

A New Look

The design team added bright colours to the living area in order to bring all the elements together. At the same time, visual clutter was kept to a minimum by accenting the clean lines in the home with different hues. Textures were added to the accessories and soft furnishing to lend warmth and sophisticated charm to the interiors. 

The wall separating the kitchen from the main living room was also coated with chalkboard paint, providing a fun and entertaining way for guests and the homeowner’s children to leave greetings on the wall. A counter next to it becomes a
casual zone where the family can gather or for the children to sit while waiting for their meals to be prepared. The kitchen design is utilitarian, but thoughtful additions of storage spaces make it easy to maintain as well.

One Of A Kind

Deriving the vision with the homeowner is key to Summerhaus’ success. After understanding what the client desires, in terms of style and requirements, the design team moves on to explore different layouts followed by creating 3D perspectives and schematic proposals. The designers ensure that the homeowner is kept abreast of developments and readily accepts inputs regarding their choice of furnishing and lighting elements. Such collaborations ensure that every project the team undertakes is uniquely created and specially designed for the client. “A well-designed home should reflect the personality of the homeowner as much as it catering to the needs of the family. That will always be the key aspect of our philosophy,” says Koh.