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Welcome To Summerhaus D'zign

Summerhaus D'zign is an award winning interior design studio based in Singapore. Since inception, our works have recognised by various local media as an upcoming young design firm in Singapore. We are named as one of the 50 influential interior designers in Singapore by Singapore Tatler Homes 2015. 

As interior designers, we take on a bespoke approach, customising each detail and achieving designs tailored to suit you best. Each project we undertake bears the unique identity of the homeowners.

Together, let's walk hand-in-hand through the different phases from initial conceptualization to actualization.  As we embark on this journey, look forward to the affinity and friendship with us as we sail through a four phase approach we call The Summerhaus Experience.

The Summerhaus Experience

The interior design journey comprises of a four phase principle to guide each project from start to end. 

A team approach is carried out for all our projects - An Interior Advisor will be assigned as the project lead, discussing concepts with the Conceptualizer. Before a design is presented to the client, a draft is scrutinised by our Principal Designer and the team in Summerhaus for further improvement.

Interior Design Singapore

Phase 1: A Conversation

It all starts with a conversation. A conversation about yourself, your family, your needs and preferences, your lifestyle. Issues that you face now will be resolved (i.e. insufficient storage areas, outdated interior designs, changes in requirements etc) and wish lists compiled shall come true.

Here, we speak about different interior design styles, colour themes and explore materials and textures that will bring the best possible outcome.

Whatever it is, let us know and leave the thinking to us. 

Interior Design Singapore

Phase 2: Bringing Conversations To Life

The tailoring begins... In this phase, our conversations come to life by presenting to you 3D visualisations of the discussions and ideas we spoke of.

The initial design drafts will be scrutinsied behind the scenes by the team and together with you, we shall further improve by fine-tuning each detail and mixing-matching various colours, textures, materials and shapes to reach a result that truly represents you. 

The process is tedious but the result? A bespoke interior design that belongs only to you and novelty for us all. 

Interior Design Singapore

Phase 3: Crafting Our Concepts

Let the works begin! With your approval, we will manage the project according to the work schedule. There will be consistent monitoring and auditing of the contractor's work through multiple on-site inspections. We will provide you with regular updates on the progress.

In the meantime, let's do some shopping for furnishings to match the interior design of your house.

Interior Design Singapore

Phase 4: My Haus, My Summerhaus

Congratulations! We mark the end of our journey and yours have just begun. Thank you for your partnership and the friendship we had forged over the last few months. This is the start of our lifelong friendship as we look forward to working with you for your next home's interior design.