Monochromatic Sophistication

4m high ceiling? Large and rectangular living & dining room? Spacious and squarish layout across all other rooms? This condominium unit in The Equatorial ticks all boxes in every home owner’s checklist!

A monochromatic color palette takes center-stage in this 2500 square feet home noticeable right from the entrance to the living spaces and bedrooms. Natural wood veneers matched with various quartz, marble and mirrors were finely balanced to exude a sense of subtle opulence.

Apart from the array of textures, a customized 3.2m dining table comfortably sits 10 guests making a perfect spot for appreciation of the selection of vintage whiskeys displayed at the adjacent bar counter.

The classic pairing of black and white marble creates a timeless and refined elegance.

Refined Elegance

All three bathrooms feature a timeless combination - the black and white marble duo! Accenting the classic pairing is the brown travertine which is matched with fittings carrying hints of classic elements to creating a sense of elegance refined.