Summerhaus D'zign addressed a couple’s desire for an unconventional home with daring features and its angular design


Located within a condominium at Keppel Bay, this abode is one of those rare apartments where, literally, you see a different perspective each time you enter. It was indeed the owners’ desire for an unconventional home that sparked a series of novel ideas by Summerhaus D'zign.

“The owners wanted something unconventional and ultramodern. They’ve seen many houses which feature the standard rectangular cove lighting, and they wanted something different for their home,” Larry Lim, co-founder of Summerhaus, vividly recalls. The designers were enlisted to achieve a creative balance between novelty and retaining the home’s understated and luxurious atmosphere.


The final result is a dramatic angular design, where no walls within this 3,000 sq ft, four-bedroom apartment are angled at 90 degrees. The home’s visual appeal is apparent once you enter from either of its two entrances. At one entrance, you’re greeted by a gold-clad suspended mirror cabinet, while at the second entrance, visitors are entranced by a sculptural bar.

It’s in the living room where the angular flair of the home truly shines. A multi-angled corridor wall leading to living room creates a seductive backdrop, while the living room’s ceiling, with its asymmetrical cut-out structure, is an immediate attention grabber. To pull off this unusual concept for the ceiling, Summerhaus meticulously customised its design, and lavished additional time working out the details with its contractors.


Stylish as it may be, the apartment’s angular features have not compromised the functionality of the home. Summerhaus was particularly concerned that the apartment must remain very functional, practical and usable with sleek lines and hidden storage areas. For instance, an angled glass wall in the living room doubles up as a cabinet, which cleverly tucks away the TV and sound system. A series of spotlights play up
the sculptural features of the corridor wall, while allowing the owners to switch between different lighting options.

The two study rooms, which feature tables with angular cut-outs, have also been carefully tailored to the needs of the owners. The master bedroom features sleek lines and elegant finishes to evoke a relaxed, luxurious atmosphere. One of the owners’ favourite features is the customised sculptural bar. Clad in gold, the bar artfully displays the couple’s collection of whiskys and wines.


To achieve a subtle emphasis of the sculptural space, the interiors are designed with a neutral palette of black, white, gold and cream. “As the apartment’s design is dramatic enough, we wanted the colours to be subtle, to let the shapes speak for themselves,” says Lim.

Materials were chosen for their sense of understated luxury. One feature that stands out are two slabs of Arabescato marble, carefully selected and bookmatched to ensure a picturesque feature in the dining area. Special laminates from Austria confer accents of metallic silver and
bronze in the master bedroom, and a touch of leather in the living area.

Since moving in, the owners have been enjoying living in a unique space that has been wowing guests and family members alike. Lim reflects, “Amongst the projects that we’ve done, this is one unique home where it’s always visually refreshing every time you step in.”