Luxury Chic

Quietly nestled in a good class bungalow enclave, this exclusive apartment’s interior embodies a chic sense of luxury, setting the tone for its exquisiteness. In the private lift lobby, a full slab of Italian quartize elegantly welcome guests upon entrance. This natural stone from Antolini represents mother nature’s artistry bearing natural veins that resemble Old Master paintings!

Stepping into the house, the tasteful selection of fine furniture complements the entire space as it evokes a chic and luxurious ambient. To achieving a perfectly balanced space, the fixtures were designed with an intention of understated luxury, creating harmony with the furniture.

In the living room, the wall cladded with bookmatched marble is showcased alongside the TV and sound system which quietly adds charm to the space as it transits to the layered wooden strips.

Sitting across, the dining area features a set of display cabinets at both ends which are fitted with layers of stainless steel strips and matched with a Travertino Romano wall effect.

The tasteful selection of furniture adds chic to the understated luxurious ambience!

A Room For Everyone

Fancy a different look for individual bedrooms? You name it, we bespoke it! Step into the individual rooms and be immediately transported into different worlds. The master bedroom feels like an opulent hotel suite with its wood cladded walls, a functional study area and beautiful art pieces as decor.

A classy modern Victorian themed bedroom awaits its owner in the second bedroom! This all white room is cladded with spray painted panels and wood mouldings. It house a functional dressing area tucked away right beside the bay area that is converted into a reading corner with bookshelves and a cushion settee.

The third bedroom takes on a contemporary feel with a soothing colour scheme and complementary textures. Aside from the comfortable relax corner at the bay area, this bedroom is complete with a dresser that can be hidden when not in use.