Double Standards

This Singapore project couples minimal modernity on one floor with a Balinese feel on the second storey

Founded in 2012, Summerhaus D'zign is a Singapore-based interior design firm that is continuously evolving based on its discerning clients' wants, needs and characters, even when these have presented interesting challenges for the company Every project that the firm has worked on has been a true reflection of its clients' personalities and about making their dreams come true, with the designs as solutions for the clients' everyday lives.

It was with these principles in mind that Summerhaus D"zign approached this corner terrace project located in Upper Thomson Road in Singapore. Responding to the client' need for more space in their new home, the design team finally came up with tropical, modern design concept that they considered suitable for the project. 

"After several rounds of discussion, we decided that the first storey be kept simple and clean with white as the main colour to complement the modern, white kitchen the client wanted," said Jess Koh from Summerhaus D'zign.

To create a spacious feel, the design team also removed one non-load bearing wall that previously separated the dining area and kitchen For the living area, they crated multiple cabinets and a door entrance to the car porch. Most of the furniture was already owned by the client.

The second storey reflects a more Balinese approach in its use of wood-grained laminates for the cabinets, with colours revolving around walnut and mahogany materials. A luxurious atmosphere is enhanced by high ceilings, especially in the master bedroom. The entrance to the master bathroom is hidden, with a single entrance to the master bedroom and study room laced in t he same area. 

"We created a full-width wardrobe that connects to the master's bathroom entrance and side cabinet. We also remove both doors to the master bathroom and study room, and added a door to the walkway, thereby connecting the two rooms with once entrance," added Koh.

The design and build process took about five months and was completed in December 2013. The eclectic styles of modern living coupled with tropical Balinese touches means that the property has a unique feel: the perfect design and perfect solution for the client.