A Fresh
New Look

The owners had been residing in this condominium for many years. As life stages changes, needs changes. This family amassed many memorabilia over the years before finding storage space insufficient and the interior outdated.

This project was inspired by irregular geometric shapes. We like how irregular shapes link up to become one single feature. At the back of our minds, our goal was to create a clean and modern environment without being too busy with colors and textures.

The lines along the wall panel cleverly masks joints and separation lines between cabinets whilst adding character to the massive frame. Parts of the cabinetry were customised to store guitar cases, professional camera stands and various bulky items. The TV console was customised to hide multiple cables for sound and video systems with cable management designs.

At the heart of the design concept is hidden storage with simplicity. The design team researched into solutions for masking cabinetry joints and door lines. The solution was to create groove lines at random on the surface of the doors. The approach hides the cabinet sections and breaks the monotony of straight lines, creating a "one entire piece" look.