Best Of Both Worlds

Summerhaus D’zign proposes a clever solution in this home, bringing to get her sleek contemporary design with the warm interiors of a Balinese style in a well-segregated yet seamless approach

When creating their dream home, homeowners can be overwhelmed by endless possibilities which makes the advice and help of an experienced interior designer a crucial element. And for those with an eclectic taste, deciding on one style for the whole house can be a tumultuous task. A professional designer can help to explore the various possibilities of incorporating different looks that can complement each other perfectly. 

Enjoy Summer Time

Established in the field of interior design for private residences, Summerhaus D’zign is well-versed in helping homeowners achieve their vision of a beautiful home. according to principal designer Jess Koh, the team at Summerhaus adopts a four-phase approach, called the Summerhaus Experience, to completing each home project. Phase One begins with a thorough discussion with the design firm in order to set down the needs, preferences and requirements of the home’s residents, before moving on to Phase Two, where the team unveils 3D perspectives and thematic proposals for the property. Summerhaus then undertakes the supervision during the construction process in Phase Three to ensure that all the timelines are met and the design is implemented with quality craftsmanship. All the homeowners need to do at this point is to look forward to entering their newly designed abode in Phase Four.

Taking Into Account

For the design team, listening to the client is one of the most important aspects of a well though-out design. 

“During the initial phase of discussion, the client wanted a Balinese-themed house but with a modern kitchen to complement their existing hanging lights,” Koh recalls of the brief for this 3,380 sq ft project with a built-up area of 2,760 sq ft. While the underlying concerns were to optimise the spaces and to create more storage areas, the homeowners also wanted a style that could accommodate their existing fittings as well as to create an open kitchen with an island counter. 

“After several rounds of discussions, we decided to keep the design in the first storey of the home clean and modern with a white colour theme, while adopting a more Balinese approach with wooden features on the second floor. This way they can have the best of both contemporary and resort-themed styles,” Koh explains.

Living It Up

In line with the homeowners’ desire for modernity and sleekness in the main living area, Summerhaus transformed the entire space on the ground floor by extending the rear of the house to create an additional 465 sq ft of interior space, as well as removing the non-structural wall separating the dining and kitchen areas. 

The wide open space is appointed with an open-concept dry kitchen with a counter for light cooking, while a second wet kitchen is added at the back of the house for heavy cooking. 

“For the living area, we used the entire wall opposite the TV panel as a feature-cum-storage wall,” Koh says of the unique wall design comprising a collection of boxes on the wall that double as storage spaces as well as a concealed door leading to the porch. The result is not just aesthetically engaging, but functional and
highly practical as well.

Warm And Cosy

When it came to creating a cosier look on the second floor where the master bedroom and study are located, the design team opted for the use of wooden textures to evoke a more natural and rustic feel. 

“The clients wanted a single entrance to the master bedroom and study,” Koh says, pointing out the creation of a common walkway that leads to both rooms using one entrance. Along with this, Koh and her team also designed a wall-to-wall wardrobe connected to the master bathroom for the couple while still maintaining the high ceiling in the master bedroom.

For the homeowners, the design team from Summerhaus has met and exceeded their expectations at the end of the five month long project. For Koh and her team, this is just one of the many positive feedback she receives from her clients. Make an appointment to visit Summerhaus and chat with the team to find out more about how they can assist you in achieving perfection with your own home design.