Haus Style

Summerhaus D'zign brings bespoke into interior design.

A house is not a home, at least not until the interior decorators have turned it into the abode of your dreams. Summerhaus D'zign, an interior design practice based in Singapore, knows how important the client's vision is. That's why the company, headed by husband-and-wife team Larry Lim and Jess Koh, is built around a client-centric business model.

Being a good listener is key to Summerhaus D'zign's success. The team starts out by working on a concept with the new homeowners, offering design possibilities and permutations and nothing their preferences. Then they discuss how the home can evolve as the years go by, factoring in changes that may take shape due to new developments in their clients' lives. All this is part of a four-phase approach called The Summerhaus Experience. Once all the schematics drawn up have met the client's full approval, it is entirely in the team's hands. The will monitor and audit the project, reporting back with details from multiple on-site inspections and ensuring all is going according to the client's specifications.

Some verge on the unusual, such as a client who wanted a secret walk-in compartment behind his war drove. in order to conceal the hiding place of his valuables, the team designed the entrance of the secret compartment to resemble the wardrobe's back wall. other clients have antique pieces of sentimental value. in order to incorporate these into the house's interiors, the designers create custom furnishings for them. Or, in the case of an antique sewing machine upcycled into a table, custom furnishings from them. 

"Interior spaces should be bespoke and tastefully designed with practicality in mind,' says Lim.