Why Should I Hire An Interior Designer?

Property purchases are frequent amongst the largest ticket items in our life. Following the formalities of the title deed transfer comes legally taking over the house. This brings about a series of questions: How will my new house look? How do I blend in all my dream designs and ideas? Which layout is most efficient? Who are the reliable contractors?  How do I plan the renovation schedule?

These activities are surely time consuming yet critical. We will be living in the house for some time, surely we’d desire a comfortable living space. That’s the job of an interior designer! 

An experienced interior designer will take the time and effort to fully understand you - your lifestyle, habits, needs, likings, preferences, occupants in the house etc. He should incorporate all these elements into the interior design of your house, proposing solutions tailored for you and only you. 

Advisory is very important in the interior design process as the designer should be able to advise on practicality, functionality, constructability, material use, ergonomics etc. 

Once all interior design concepts have been approved by you, it’s time to bring the concepts to life. Whether its contractors recommended by the interior designer or from your personal recommendations, there must be regular auditing of the contractor’s work to ensure timely work progress. 

Leave all the coordination work and problems to the interior designer. You should now sit back and watch your house turn into shape. 

In a nutshell, your interior designer must be able to bring you through conceptualising the interior space that represents you best. He must also be able to advise functional and practical options based on realistic living conditions. Lastly, your interior designer must be able to understand the complexities of the actual construction work and audit the quality of the contractor’s work. 

Remember, interior design is all about you! Don’t let your home be a museum – pretty, but non-functional.