Case Study I - Transforming A House Of Clutters Into A Modern Retreat With Ample Hidden Storage Areas

Case Profile:

Type of residence:            Condominium

Size:                                 1750 sq. ft.

Ownership:                       Existing owners

Years residing:                  >10 years

Demographics:                  Family of 5

Issues Encountered:

  1. Much clutter around house
  2. Bulky items collected throughout the years with no space to store e.g. camera stands, guitar bags, sound systems etc
  3. Outdated interior design
  4. Lack of storage space
  5. Bathrooms with no shower area
  6. No study area for children

Problem Areas Identified:

  1. Unnecessary enclosure of various space between wall columns resulting in wasted space
  2. Underutilised areas in various parts of the house
  3. Excessive display cabinets
  4. Insufficient lighting throughout the house
  5. Entire bathroom gets wet after showers
  6. Lack of storage compartments

Design Requirements:

  1. Modern, sleek interior design
  2. Customisable storage space to fit specific items
  3. Study area for children
  4. To solve identified issues and improve daily living


  1. To give the apartment a clean and simple look with uniformly designed element throughout the living room by using geometric shapes
  2. Create multiple customised hidden storage areas
  3. Re-design the layout of rooms to provide for study area
  4. Re-design ceiling to incorporate more lighting


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