3 Small Updates to Transform Your Home


Home remodeling doesn’t always have to be expensive. Sometimes, small changes can make a huge difference. Your Interior Design Company Singapore can give you practical ideas, but here are some simple ways to update your home on a budget.

1. Create more open space

Even though Singapore’s average home size is getting smaller and smaller, you can always find ways to create open space in your home. If possible, create an open space between your living room, kitchen and dining room. To achieve this, you might need to rearrange or get rid of your large furniture pieces. If you don’t want to abandon your big furnishings, simply paint them in light colors. That way, you can make them less visible in the room, making the space look bigger and more open than it actually is.

2. Use mirrors

Another good idea would be to fix more mirrors in your rooms. This helps create an illusion of open space. If you want to make your home look brighter and more specious, consider placing mirrors opposite your doors and windows, so they can reflect and bounce back more sunlight into the rooms. That brings us to the next idea.

3. Improve your lighting

In addition to natural lights, your home should have enough artificial lights to make your home look bright and specious even during nighttime. If you need professional help for the job, you can hire an acclaimed Interior Design Company. In general, however, you need to replace any outdated ceiling fixtures with new, smart-looking LED lights. Make sure you place separate lights for different parts of your house. It is also important to have more bright lights installed in your home. Also, use a plenty of spot lights and working lights to enhance functionality and accentuate important areas of a room. That way, you can guide the onlooker’s eyes towards more important parts of your house.