3 Things to Keep in Mind when Building Your Kitchen


Kitchen is not just for cooking, it is also your food storage place. Some homeowners want to use it even for dining and working. If your kitchen is short on space, it would be difficult to use it for multiple purposes. That’s why you should aim for a bigger kitchen right from the designing phase.

If, however, your kitchen already has smaller space, don’t worry. You can still make it more efficient and smart looking, with a little creative thinking. Here are some tips.

1. Choose a style

Before you contact an Interior Design Firm Singapore for kitchen designing, consider your preferred style. If you are a minimalist, keep it simple. Abandon all unnecessary items. Keep only the things that you need. For instance, you can do away with those top-hung cabinets, if you truly believe “less is more.”

2. Consider the work triangle

Kitchen work triangle is a design concept that helps layout more efficient kitchens. The concept says that the three important components of a kitchen – 1) sink, 2) cooktop and 3) refrigerator – should form an imaginary triangle. Kitchens with a work triangle are said to have enough space for working and moving around. The guidelines for forming a work triangle also says that the length of the triangle’s each imaginary line should be between four and nine feet.

3. Have separate work zones

To make your kitchen multi-functional, consider breaking it down into various work zones. For instance, one section of your kitchen should be used mainly for cleaning. This section should include the sink, the trash bin, waste basket, recycling bin, dishwasher and the likes. The storage section, on the other hand, should have all the storage materials. You can spilt it further into two halves, with one half having consumable items, such as, food and groceries, and the other half having non-consumable items, such as, utensils.