3 Pet-friendly Interior Décor Tips


Just because you’ve pets in your house doesn’t mean you cannot maintain a clean and stylish home décor. Pet friendly interior isn’t a myth, but it’s not a slam dunk either. To make your house suitable for and resistant to your furry friends, you need professional help. Look for an Interior Design Company Singapore that have years of experience designing pet-friendly house. For the best results, also consider getting yourself familiar with the best practices for pet-friendly decoration. Here are some useful tips.

1. Opt for easy-to-clean flooring materials

With pets in house, you can expect more frequent need for floor cleaning. So choose a material that is easy to wash and clean. It is also important to choose a scratch resistant material. Hardwood flooring is a good choice, but large pets can still scratch it. A better alternative would be stone or ceramic tiles. But make sure you don’t use glossy, laminated materials as they make your floor more susceptible to slips and trips.

2. Avoid wall-to-wall carpet

Carpets are usually heavy and difficult to lift. If your dogs or cats pee or drool over your carpet, it would be a lot of work to clean them. Plus, carpets often soak up pet hairs more easily. As an alternative, you can use small, affordable rugs. Affordable is the keyword here. Look for inexpensive rugs, so that even if you need to replace them frequently, it won’t cost you a fortune.

3. Keep enough free space

You don’t want your pets to live in a small space. They need to move around freely. To that end, consider leaving enough free space in your interior design scheme. If you have cats, consider building cat ladders along the walls. To make the space even more pet-friendly, consider installing pet doors and pet flaps. When making your house pet-friendly, however, don’t compromise on style. Your Interior Design Company can help you get the best of both.