3 Bedroom Design Ideas for the 20-something Woman


The 20s is when you grow up. You start to expand your world, connect with more people from the outside world. If you’re like most women in their 20s, you’ll notice a change in your belief system, thoughts, personality at this phase of your life.

But how will you reflect that change in your bedroom design? Well, interior designing for your bedroom doesn’t have to be stressful. You can always contact an Interior Design Firm Singapore for help. But even if you hire a professional, you’ll need to tell them what you want. So here are some ideas.

1. The Classic bedroom

If you want to ‘elegance’ to flow from every corner of your bedroom, go for the classic style. Started in the 18th century from the boudoirs, this style of bedroom design incorporates a soft and relaxed look. You can use light blue or light purple shades in the walls. Or you can go for black & white with gray shades. Use contemporary furniture but no rugs. One good idea would be to use bean bags as chairs. Also, hand a few wall arts here and there, but don’t go overboard.

2. The Victorian style

 Want to feel like a queen from the Victorian era? Design your bedroom in the Victorian style. You’ll find many traditional-style beds repurposed in a new way. So take your pick. For the other furniture, opt for the brown wooden ones. Also consider using chandelier lights and light-color beddings to brighten up the mood.

3. The Trendy bedroom

One problem with the trendy style is that what’s trendy today might look dated after a few years. That’s why if you want a trendy style of bedroom design, go for easily replaceable items. For instance, use portable beds and furniture and stick-and-peel wallpapers.

With a little help from your Interior Design Company, you can design a perfect bedroom matching your persona and taste.