4 Common Interior Design Mistakes 20-somethings Make


When you’re in your 20s, mistakes are common. While mistakes give you a chance to learn, you don’t have to necessarily commit one to learn from it. There are ways to learn from other people’s mistakes.

That holds true the context of interior design too. Rather than spending a fortune on your home décor only to regret later, you can do your own research from the outset. Better yet, contact an acclaimed Interior Design Firm Singapore and ask for advice. Here are some common mistakes most 20-somethings make in their home décor.

1. Not framing the artwork

You probably love to hang artworks and posters on the walls, but don’t want to invest in their framing. That’s not cool though. Artworks look great only when you frame them. Just pinning them onto the wall make them look cheap.

2. Getting stuck in the childhood

You are 20 now, if not older. Your personality has grown up over the years. So should your home décor! Many 20-somethings don’t understand this. They continue to design like a kid. Don’t do that. Instead, choose bold wall colors. Ditch that futon and invest in a proper mattress.

3. Not thinking long-term

It is time buy some furniture pieces that you’ll be able to use for years through your 20s and even 30s. One common mistake in your 20s is to indulge in impulsive buying. Just because that throw pillow is trending now doesn’t mean it’ll remain in vogue next year. So think and plan before you buy. Think long term.

4. Not investing in rugs

Yes, rugs are expensive. But they make your home look elegant. Also, if you invest in the right ones, you don’t have to invest in them for the next five years, at least. It’s amazing how good rugs can change the look and feel of your place, so don’t exclude them from your list.