Tips to Decorate Your Study Room


The performance of a student highly depends on the atmosphere where he is regularly studying and preparing for the exam. This is absolutely an experimented fact and that’s why parents across the globe are always trying to find innovative ways to decorate the study room for their children. Here are some tips to decorate your children’s study room.

A study table and chair

A study room must have a study table and a comfortable chair. The table should be wide to be able to accommodate rechargeable study lamp, laptop including a flower vase apart from necessary items for studying and doing homework. It is also suggested to invest for a comfortable chair as the student needs to spend hours in it, whereas concentration will also depend how he is able to sit comfortably.

Alternative sitting area

Sometimes, the student may feel tiring sitting in a chair for long hours. Hence, if space permits, you can invest for another sitting area (like sofa-cum-bed) at any corner that will give much comfort to him. A wall shelf can also be fixed over the wall (near this sitting area) for better convenience and trendy look.

Cabinets and shelves

For the bookworm students, you need to arrange extra space for shelving several books. Hence, if you give the contract to a reputed interior design company Singapore, they will add cabinets and shelves in a strategic way so that the overall appearance looks trendy. Remember, the positioning should be done in such a way that makes the room look bigger and versatile.

Wall color

According to color psychology, colors like blue, green, yellow, and orange help a student concentrate on their studies, while cool colors such as gray or brown may distract them. While blue is believed to enhance productivity, green makes the atmosphere tranquil. Experts have contrasting opinions about certain colors. It is always a good idea to seek advice and color suggestions from your interior design company. But avoid using dark colors in the wall as it could affect the student’s vision and concentration.