Top 3 Living Room Flooring Ideas


When it comes to decorating the living room, you’ve a whole lot of options. Flooring plays an important role in making the living room look bigger and posh. Here are some living room flooring ideas that strikes the right balance between beauty and durability.

1. Timber floor

If you are looking to upgrade your floors, Timber flooring can be a good choice. You can choose any Timber flooring – from light, medium to even dark – to give your residence a lavish feel. All kinds of Timber floors can go with any décor from traditional to modern, including Mediterranean and Asian styles. However, this kind of flooring should be avoided for the places like kitchen, washroom and basement.

2. Marble floor

Natural marble stones come in a wide variety of colors, designs and shapes, making them a perfect choice for flooring. The biggest advantage of marble flooring is that it helps elevate the appearance of any place instantly, thanks to their polished looks, matte finishes and textured designs. More importantly, every piece of marble tile is unique. That means, with marble tiles, you can give your floors a one-of-its-kind look. Multiple colored tiles are also available. In addition, marble floors are durable, heat resistant and easy to clean.

3. Tiles

For the people who are searching for water including stain-resistant flooring, tile floor is considered a wonderful option for them. It is also a good option as it becomes highly resistant to stain or any kind of damage from water as making process involves heating and cooling natural clay. Hence, during the days of high humidity, it won’t reflect high temperature and can be soothing to bare feet. A contract given to an interior design firm will be a good option in case if you are renovating the entire room along with flooring. They are specialized to give you the right color that will create a marvelous overall visual appeal.