How to Make Space for a Library in Your Small Home


No matter the size, almost every home has a separate place for cooking, bathing, eating and sleeping. Unfortunately, not every home has a library, as if reading books is not that important.

But, here’s the good news! If you’re a book lover, you’ll still find a way to add a library to your home. And it doesn’t have to a tradeoff between eating and reading. Both are equally important.

Let’s find out how you should go about making space for a library in your small home.

Look for unutilized spaces

With a little careful scanning, you should be able to find some unutilized space in your home. It could be the wall behind the sofas in your living or the wall in your dining room. Or maybe your home has a long hallway with enough space to place some bookshelves along the wall. If required, seek professional help from a local interior design company Singapore.

Have a clear idea of how much space required

Space requirement for a home library may vary, depending on how many books you’ve. You may also want to consider how many books you could add to your library in future. Keeping enough space for your future collections is crucial. You should not start building a home library until you have a clear idea of how much space might be required. Otherwise, you’ll have to stop the project mid-way and start all over again from the beginning. It is better to make a proper plan right at the beginning so that you can avoid costly reworks.

Use the vertical space

If you don’t find enough space to store all your books, you can consider utilizing the vertical space along the walls. In most homes, the upper part of any wall usually remains unitized. You can install book shelves along the wall from mid-way all the way up to the ceiling. Then can use a ladder to reach out to the books easily.

All it takes is a little innovation, but adding a library to any small home is not impossible.