3 Practical Ideas to Build a Home Library in Small Space


For space-strapped home owners, it is often difficult to allot an entire room for books. But those who eat and breathe books cannot think of living without a library. So what’s the solution? Often, you can make space for books in your hallways, dining room, and even your bedroom. We touched upon the topic in a previous article. If you are still not getting enough space to add a library, contact a local Interior Design Company Singapore for help. Before you do that, you may want to consider the following 3 practical home-library ideas for small homes.

1. Hallways

The whole point of a hallway is to connect one room to another. And you may have more than one hallway in your home. So why not utilize them to make a library. You can buy portable bookshelves and place them through your hallways. Just make sure the color and designs complement your existing interior décor theme.

2. Dining room

Chances are that your dining room is capable of accommodating a library of books along the walls. Even if you can place bookshelves along two of the walls, it should be enough for you make space for you books.

3. Bedroom

If you have a habit of reading books in the bed, it would be a great idea to place some free standing bookshelves in your bedroom. You can also consider keeping some books on the headboard. When you have books in the bedroom itself, you do not have to carry them from another room. Consider using a reading lamp that can be placed comfortably right over your book, so you can read lying in the bed.

Guess what! You can even make space for books in your kitchen or bathroom. However, if you want to bring these ideal to life, you should hire a professional Interior Design Company.