3 Interior Color Trends for 2018


With the onset of 2018, some very enticing color trends have also forayed into the interior design space. If you are looking to dress up your interiors in the most chic and contemporary styles possible, coming to terms with these prevailing color schemes and patterns would surely help. Here are the top 3 interior color trends for this year.

1. Black is back

The prevalence of black in interior schemes and designs can be prominently felt off late. It has made a mark in color schemes of kitchens to bedrooms and there is no sign of any exit, as of date. Black is being used with several other prominent hues for creating interesting combinations that stand apart. Whether you choose to splash it around boldly over your walls or use it minimally for accentuation purposes, it is sure to provide a facelift to your décor in this New Year.

2. Berries all over

Berry inspired shades are truly spreading a vivacious cheer all across. Be it the bold strawberry red or the delicious raspberry pink, now most interior spaces are accepting these shades like never before. The versatility of these shades is what perhaps makes them so much more popular. For instance, bolder or darker shades can be used for making a striking style statement whereas softer hues can bring in loads of subdued warmth.

3. Blue-Green for a toned down vibe

Different shades of blue-green are making their presence felt, infusing the interior décor with very grounded and calming vibes. If you are keen on creating calm, quiet and mellowed down spaces, you can use any shade of blue-green to abundance and enhance the vibe of any room.

Once you pick your colors, the combinations should be created with great care so that they can be interesting and appealing at the same time. If you’re not sure how to mix and match your colors, seek professional help from an interior design specialist.