Interior Design Tips for Powder Room


The powder room or the half bathroom is often one of the smallest spaces in your home. However, designing it can be truly fun! One of the first things to remember is that, a powder room can actually have a theme of its own which can be different from the scheme of the rest of the house. Here are some tips and ideas to discuss with your interior design company.

1. Make the Vanity Stand Out

 The vanity within the powder room is the only décor piece that you are likely to have in this space. Therefore, it has to be the centre of attraction. Instead of having a plain sink, include a classy storage counter, some artistic deco styling and even vintage themes. This will lend ample character to this space.

2. Create Walls that Come Alive

Since the powder room is a quaint little space, you need to have walls that are unique in color, appeal and texture. As your interior design company will advise, one of the best ways to do this is to stick to wallpapers. Wallpapers create the most emphatic wall impressions in your half bathroom.

3. Decorative Mirrors are Preferred

 Commonly, wall to wall mirroring happens to be the staple choice for powder room spaces. However, using decorative mirror pieces on walls that have been clad with wallpaper is the best way to add a touch of space to your room and give it an artistic lift at the same time.

4. Pendants and Scones

A powder room will generally never be used for shaving or performing focused tasks, therefore bathroom lighting fixtures can be avoided in totality for good. Considering that it is a small space you are dealing with, some simple lighting tricks can actually make it appear larger and airier. Choose pendants and scones that go well with the mirror pieces you have chosen, for creating a dreamy ambience.

Think out of the box and make creative choices as much as possible for doing up your powder room.