3 more Tips for Planning a Shared Home Office


Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you’ve silo mentality. You still work as a team with your virtual clients and colleagues.

But it’s one thing to collaborate online; it’s another to share your work desk with someone. So when your partner left the day job to start freelancing, you’re skeptical. Can we both work from the same home office?

Well, off course, you can. All you need is to upgrade your existing home office. In the previous article, we already listed some tips. Here are some more tips for designing a shared home office.

1. Bring back the cubicle culture

If you’re concerned that working alongside your partner may distract you - causing more harm than good, use a glass divider to split the work space in half. That way, you can still see each other (which equals more peace of mind) but won’t be able to chat. In fact, this combination of privacy and intimacy could result in improved productivity for each of you.

2. Sit face to face

If your room is not long enough to place a lengthy desk against the wall, consider using a square desk and sit face to face, with the computers placed between both of you. That way you cannot see each other most of the time. But placing study lamps in the already-full desktop could be difficult. Instead, you can use hanging lights.

3. Consider home décor

Just placing the desk and chairs is not enough. For more focus and concentration, you need to a place that looks and feels good. You can hire an interior design company Singapore for the job. But in general, make sure both you and your partner agree on the color choices, furniture patterns, curtain choices, etc. Remember, both of you will spend a large part of your day in this room. So make sure that both of you like the place.