3 Tips for Planning a Shared Home Office


Slowly but surely, remote working is becoming a de facto norm in Singapore. If you and your spouse work from home, you need a home office that both can use. But shoehorning a workplace in your small home could be a challenge.

Sure…..you should hire an acclaimed interior design firm Singapore for the job. But you still need to have a plan to communicate to your designer. This article packs in some great tips for planning a perfect home office.

1. Select a room

If you’re like most people, your home is less than 1000 square feet. That means dedicating two separate areas for each of you is not an option. There’s no harm sitting side by side as long as each partner has their own space. Depending on your profession, each of you may have different workspace needs. For instance, you may need the window view, while your spouse may require a bigger desk. So define your priorities and negotiate, but select a place that offers something for each partner.

2. Consider lighting

Lighting not only helps set the mood, but could also have an impact your eye health. Clearly, ensuring good lighting is critical to the success of your home office endeavor. If you are fortunate to have large windows in the room, consider placing the work desk close to and facing the window. That way, you can leverage the natural lighting. You’ll still need to use artificial lights for night shifts. If you’re not sure what type of lights to use, seek advice from your interior designer.

3. Keep the shelf nearby

In addition to the drawers in your shelf, you’ll need a common shelf for keeping books, files and other necessary items. Make sure the common shelf is at an arm’s length from both of you. You don’t want to walk down to the other corner of your room every time you need an important document or book.