Top 3 House Decoration Tips for Christmas


If you want to be creative with your holiday decoration, think different.  You can still follow the de facto standards, but a little innovative thinking can go a long way to make your holiday decoration stand out.

For instance, while red and green are the colors of Christmas, you can add a touch of orange or blue to complement them. However, make sure you choose colors that suit your overall design theme. If you need more customized suggestions, talk to your interior design firm Singapore. Even if you don’t want to hire a professional, simply reading the below tips will help you come up with new, unique Christmas decoration ideas.

1. Less is more

Just because you are decorating for Christmas doesn’t mean you have to be extravagant. Less is more. And yes, it works for your Christmas decoration as well. For instance, avoid using too many colors and lights. Rather than using separate lights, you can buy a Christmas tree that comes with lights.

2. Use matching flowers and garlands

This doesn’t require mentioning but wreaths and flowers help make any room look more colorful. Spend some time thinking what types of flowers you want to use and where you want to use them. There is no set rule but setting a pattern through repetition is a great idea. For instance, if you hang a pine garland in your front window, consider putting matching wreaths in all other windows.

3. Have a theme

In the same vein, experts suggest that picking a theme helps stick to a consistent pattern. For instance, pick 3 or 4 colors that suit your theme and use the same colors consistently across all your rooms.

Once you’re done with your decoration, take a short break and review the whole thing after a time gap. At this point, see if the overall design is making a strong design statement.