3 More Interior Design Tips and Ideas for Your Bachelor Pad


While there’s no set standard for how you should decorate your bachelor pad, the basic interior design thumb rules apply to any home décor. That’s exactly why you should always seek professional help from an Interior Design Company Singapore. In our previous post, we’ve already covered some tips. Here are some more tips and ideas for your bachelor pad décor.

1. Choose the colors right

You can mix and match your wall colors and furniture colors, but make sure you have a theme. Just because multicolor walls are accepted these days doesn’t mean you can go without a plan. Even when you’re giving yourself permission to experiment with the colors, make sure that you choose different colors from the same family. For instance, you can mix and match deep blue and deep orange with light blue and light orange. As long as the colors are in symmetry, you’re safe to experiment with the furniture patterns and textures.

2. Use creative lighting

Lighting helps set the right mood into your rooms. Understand that you might need soft lights and hard lights for different occasions. So keeping more options open is always a good idea. You can switch on the soft lights when spending intimate moments with your friends, while hard lights would be necessary for studying and other important works. Depending on your needs, you can consider having a fireplace or some candles for romantic dinners.

3. Add an element of surprise

What about hanging your school day bike onto the living room ceiling? Or maybe you want to use a wooden cable drum as your center table. Think different and you can add an element of surprise in your home décor. A little unique thinking goes a long way to give your guests a sneak peek into the creative side of you. It also shows that you’re bold enough to break the conventional rules to make a point.