3 Innovative Ways to Dress up Your Windows


Windows play a very crucial role in enhancing the beauty of your home, while also keeping the rooms ventilated. But dressing up your windows could be a challenge. Just adding curtains and blinds may not be enough to tap the full potential of your windows, both in terms of beauty and functionality. If you need professional help for window treatment, you can contact an Interior Design Company Singapore. Even otherwise, learning the below tips and ideas about modern window dressing should help.

1. Draping Curtains

If you have a limited budget but don’t want to compromise on the aesthetics, go for the draping curtains. You’ll find many different types of draping curtains specially designed for window treatment. Some of the most popular options include plaid curtains, striped curtains, and floor curtains. You can also be a little more innovative and use a combination of different types of curtains to create a unique look.

 2. Zebra Striped Cornices

If you want to look beyond curtains, consider using zebra striped cornices. These are attractive and amplify the aura of the room, but most importantly they are uncommon – sets you apart instantly. Although a little more expensive than curtains, the elegance of zebra striped cornices is worth the high price. If you have any second thought regarding the idea, you can seek advice from your Interior Design Company.

3. Installing Shelves

If you want to create more space through your interior décor, one good idea would be to install some shelves in the window. You can even do it yourself by placing a wooden plank across the window, and place beautiful pots over it. You can plant flowers, kitchen herbs in those pots and can also color them to enhance the beauty of the window. This idea not only helps exhibit your creative taste, but also gives you extra space to shoehorn more items in your small condo.