Top 3 Interior Design Tips for Renters


One of the downsides of living in rental home is that you usually do not have the permission to change the place as per your preferences.  Though there might be so many restrictions while living in rentals but at the same time there are benefits as well. You don’t need to worry about the burst pipes, dripping taps, and broken door handles. There will be an on- call maintenance staff to take care of these things. Transforming rental into a place of your own choice which makes you feel more comfortable and homely is really easy with the help of these top three interior design tips listed below.

1. Use Peel and Stick wall art

The first and the least expensive tool for renters’ home décor is the peel and stick wall art. You can stick any design or architecture of your choice without damaging the walls. You’ll find a wide variety of colorful painting or sketches. This is one of most innovative ways to rejuvenate the walls of your home, without having to spend huge money. Interior design companies are offering various designs, colors as per your interest.

2. Consider using a beautiful Chandelier

Another good idea for the renters is hanging a beautiful Chandelier from the ceiling. You can choose any of your room either bedroom or living room to hang them. The best part with this idea is whenever you leave the apartment you can pack your chandelier and take them with you.

3. Decorate windows

Another great idea that renters can implement would be decorating the windows. You can opt for curtains; can paint across the window to make it look more fascinating. If you are an artistic person, then you can also embellish the window as per your imagination, recruiting any interior design company Singapore can also help.