3 More Window Dressing Ideas


Windows are not just entities present in a home but they are a way to showcase your inner self. They are also a medium to connect with your neighborhood, to get a glance of your surroundings. A home without windows would be like a workplace without boss. And it’s very important to decorate these most important attribute of the home. Interior design companies are also offering marvelous ideas to change the scenario around or across your windows.  Here we are listing three outstanding window dressing ideas which will lead you to the Road of Damascus.  

1. Adhesive Films

First on our list is the most popular and pocket friendly idea i.e. adhesive film. You only have to follow three simple steps – a) buy an adhesive film of your choice, b) peel it and c) stick it on the window. Job done! And you will be astonished to see your simple window transformed into a beautiful thing. The best part with these films is; if you want to change your interior design you can remove them without leaving any sticky stains.

2. Artwork

If you don’t want to make any kind of changes to the window yet want to decorate it, go with the artwork. Simply choose any painting of your choice and place it above or below the window. You can take assistance of Interior Design Company Singapore to guide you the best. If you are a painter then you can even paint the side walls of the window.

3. Plantation

Third on our table is the idea for those who are green panthers; plantation. You can place pots having tall plants on both sides on the window. This idea will not only enhance the window’s look but also purify the air. If you are revamping your kitchen window then herb garden can be one option. Again this also will serve two important factors, prettify your window and handy herb garden.