Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2018


As we have come to 2018, it is time to turn a new leaf with respect to trends, styles, and color schemes and so on. And interior design is no exception. Expert designers opine that while some existing trends are all set to undergo transformations, there are some new ones that are likely to make their presence felt in indoor design schemes. Here’s a look at some of the major trends.

Patterned Plants

Indoor plants had made a big splash in designing all through 2017. And if you are fond of them you would be happy to learn that they are not going anywhere this year too. However, there is likely to be a growing demand for patterned indoor plants this year. Unique patterns are now foraying into the market and finding many takers.

Statement Ceilings

 Come over statement walls! Emphasizing on wall decorations with color schemes and themes is clearly a thing of the past! The fresh trend is to create statement ceilings. You can choose tiling, painting or wallpapering for your ceilings and can even choose interesting decorations and hanging motifs for lending a sense of character to your ceiling.

Bright hues

When it comes to interior design, bright hues are still to make a mark alongside neutral shades. So, if you are fond of vibrant colors, feel free to include a dash of cactus green, burnt orange, gold accents and peacock blue in your scheme of things!

Doors for turning heads

 In 2018, doors are likely to be the showstoppers. Statement doors are likely to be very much in vogue. You can choose neon paints or artistic motifs, message mats or just about anything for creating that much-desired impact.

Make sure you put your finger on a specific theme and choose your designing elements accordingly. Your designer will be the best person to guide you in this regard.