Some Small Kitchen Design Tips


When space is limited, the focus should be on making every inch count. With that said, using every inch of available space is often easier said than done. At the same time, if you put your mind to the task, or even better, rope in the services of an interior design consultancy Singapore, you can achieve your goal.

To help you with your aim, here are some smart kitchen design tips. Have a look.

Rolling Ladder

You can build shelves up top, but this idea will only work out well if you can access it. Alternatively, you can opt to install a rolling ladder, the kind you see in libraries so often. This way you will have no problem reaching ceiling-height cabinets.

Tiny Cabinets

When space is scarce, don’t leave any inch utilized. Install tiny cabinets wherever possible. You can squeeze in that little bit of extra storage space by fitting little cubbies above your kitchen window.

Divide the Space Smartly

You can dissect the kitchen into cooking and dining areas by using a smart center island. Dress up the room amenities in glossy finishes and the latest materials. This will give the space a modern vibe. You can also consider installing tall windows for great views of the surrounding and to provide an amazing focal point.

Movable Seating

One exciting way of using available space is by using moveable seating arrangement in your kitchen. This will allow you to turn your tiny kitchen into an eat-in kitchen. A range of moveable seating furniture is available online as well as in stores. You should shop around a little to see which one will fit your kitchen’s decor and size perfectly.

Pot Rack

This is one thing that every small kitchen in the city needs. Bulky pans can take up a huge amount of space. If a kitchen has a lot of space, this will hardly be a problem. However, in small kitchens, bulky pans can become an eye sore. Because of the amount of real estate they hog, it becomes extremely difficult to store other items neatly. The end result is too much clutter in the kitchen, which in turn makes it look smaller than it actually is. You can solve this issue by installing a pot rack. You can go with a simply designed pot rack or something eye-catching and bold. The choice is entirely yours, but the most important thing is that you must install one. It will help you free up a lot of space in your kitchen and might even enhance its look.

All of the aforementioned tips can be put into action by readers themselves. Or if you prefer, you can consult an interior design company Singapore. The advantage of meeting a professional is that he can give you ideas which will work best for your kitchen, and not general ideas.