When Is the Right Time to Redesign Your Home


Usually, summer is the right time to start a home remodeling project. Warm weather is great for working outdoors. However, there’s more to planning a redesigning project than temperature. In a lot of cases, one can save on both time and money if the home remodeling project is started at the right time. When it comes to home improvement, most people prefer summer or spring. Having said that, the best time for remodeling is when the budget and hassle will be least.

Knowing When to Redesign

Here’s a secret that best interior design Singapore doesn’t want you to know: the price of building materials do not remain the same whole year. Just like the price of other materials fluctuate, the price of cement, lumber, paint, and even labor rise and fall. With that said, the most favorable time to remodel your home might not always be when these materials are at their cheapest. This is because that is the time when every smart homeowner would be trying to build or remodel his home. During this time, contractors might be super busy, making project delays common. Instead of starting your home improvement project at such a time, what you can do is buy building materials when their prices are lowest and store them until you are fully prepared to start the remodeling project.

Knowing Availability of Contractors

The cost of the building material is only one part of the equation; there is actually another part. The second part is understanding the availability of contractors.

If you frequently eat out, you would know that during rush hours, you are not likely to get the same service from the restaurant staff than at other times when there are fewer visitors. Contractors, too, have their seasons. At certain times of the year, they are super busy. They might charge a higher rate during this season, but that’s not all. Just like all of us, they too are more likely to make a mistake when the workload is huge.

That’s why it is always a good idea to start your remodeling project when the local contractor is not super busy. Plan your project such a way that you can start it slightly off-season. This is the time of the year when the local contractor might not have more than a few projects at his hand, and so he would be able to give your project the attention it deserves.

Understanding Nature of the Project

The right time to start a remodeling project also depends on the nature of the project. For instance, if you have a window replacement project, you might want to start on it early spring. Most homeowners opt for window replacement in summer, so this is one season you wouldn’t want to start your project. Starting a little early, when spring has almost but not completely gone, is a good strategy. Similarly, late fall might be the best time for getting air conditioning units serviced. You can also ask your interior design consultancy in Singapore for inputs in this regard.