5 Essential Factors of a Good Bedroom Design


Want an upgraded bedroom that’s both stylish and comfortable? Here are 5 essential factors you must consider.

Right Proportions

Whether you are planning to design your bedroom on your own by consulting relevant magazines or consult a top-of-the-line interior design company Singapore, one word you are like to come across is proportions. This is because proportions play an important role in managing interior space properly and smartly.

For a design to be proportionate, it is necessary that these three are in complete accordance.

For instance, the handle of your wardrobe must be in accordance with the size of the door and it also must be big enough for a normal hand to hold it smoothly and properly and open the door easily and swiftly. Similarly, a chair seat must be big enough so that a person can comfortably sit on it.

As you can see, proportions are extremely important in designing and it is necessary that the furniture you install in the bedroom must adhere to these rules.

Natural Light

Allow for as much natural light into the room as much possible. This will not only give the room a fresh look but also reduce your energy expenditure. Natural lighting is one of the most important personal aspects of interior designing. According to a study, natural light can penetrate up to 7 meters in an interior space. By positioning your windows appropriately you can ensure the optimal amount of natural light enters your home.

Natural Ventilation

You can keep the atmosphere clean and cool inside your bedroom by ensuring a free, unobstructed flow of air. The most effective way to give your bedroom maximum natural ventilation is by placing it at the corner of your building. Such positioning will ensure that two bedroom sides have external faces.

Sometimes this might not be possible. However, don’t let this worry you. In case your bedroom is not placed at the building corner, use the windows smartly. Design windows on opposite or adjacent faces and use a ventilator over the windows.

The reason behind using ventilator is utterly simple. If you divide a bedroom in two horizontally, one can say that the users only use the lower half. Because this part is in constant use, the air temperature rises. The air becomes light and rises above. If you install a ventilator in above opposite or adjacent windows, the hot air will be able to escape from the bedroom, while fresh air will enter from the bedroom windows, placed in the lower half. This helps maintain a balance.

Clear, Effective Movement Patterns

Typically a bedroom has specific exit points attached to it, like the exit to terrace or balcony, exit to backyard, or exit to a toilet. It is necessary that the furniture in the bedroom is placed in such a way that the path to these exit points from the entry point should be clear.


Use the right accessories and use them wisely. For instance, smart use of artificial lighting can make a world of difference to your bedroom. Consult a reputable Singapore interior design company for advice and innovative ideas.