7 Useful Resources for DIY Interior Design


While a Singapore interior design company can offer the best possibilities for creating elegant and functional living spaces, the option of DIY is also popular amongst people to create a personal touch for their home. With the advent of the internet, there are a plethora of interior design ideas that you can draw upon. However, the search for a perfect interior design idea can be overwhelming, and you may well end up with nothing. The fact that it is daunting to find the right interior design idea does not mean that it is an impossible challenge. It is actually an exhilarating endeavour if you manage to wrap your head around it. To assist you in making decisions about what you want and the means of getting the job completed in line with your timeline, here is a rundown on resources you can use:


Pinterest is an awesome resource to search out for the best interior design ideas. It is, essentially, an online pinboard where individuals plaster things they find interesting, including a whole host of interior design styles. In this site, you can get exceptional products, resources, and inspiration without having to spend a lot of time scavenging the internet for the same.


If you are looking to paint your bedroom walls and are not quite sure what colours to utilise, Colorjive is a great tool for you. This website allows you to upload the image of your room and paint the wall with your favourite colours to get a first-hand view of how the room appears in those colours. The site is advantageous since it is easy to use and offers interactive assistance with choosing paint colours.


This is another scintillating website that features a huge array of interior design photos. It also encompasses photos of exteriors and landscapes. This site allows you to check out content according to products, elements, and room. You are also at liberty to post questions to elite designers and get real-time interactive feedback. The site also features an ‘'ideabook'' that enables you to save your best images for later use in your home interior decoration. Regardless of your design style, you are guaranteed to get the best interior design idea to apply to your house.


Mozaico is a terrific site to harness spellbinding interior design ideas. The good thing is that the designs are easy to create and you do not need to be endowed with artistic skills to create a piece of work for your home makeover. For additional resources, head to the Mozaico blog to get invaluable DIY mosaic tips that you can apply to your home.

 Design milk

This is a perfect site if you love anything related to modern design. You will stumble across a hail of resources including out-of-this-world interior design ideas, furniture, industrial design ideas, art, and fashion just to name a few.


This website is supported by Old House Journal and Old House Interiors magazines. It contains rich resources such as interior design articles, how-to advice, and invaluable information on period designing and restoration of old houses. On top of that, it is an amazing resource for authentic reproduction materials and hardware. The site is tailored to individuals that are remodelling historic homes.

Apartment Therapy

This is a site dedicated to sharing design lessons, DIY how-tos, design material shopping guides and professional tips on how to curate an elegant and happy home. The ‘'House Tours'' feature is particularly interesting as it gives you a comprehensive walkthrough of participants' homes, scuffs and much more.

A beautiful and inviting home is the pillar of a happy family. Coupled with the expertises of professional interior designers, your DIY efforts will create a home that is uniquely for you and your family.