What to Look for in an Interior Designer


You want to remodel your house and have decided to rope in a professional. Well done, that’s the right decision. When it comes to remodeling a house, it’s always best to go with a talented interior designer.

With that said, picking a suitable interior designer is a task in itself, and a very important one at that, too. If you make a mistake, you can end up with a look that you don’t like. Even an average solution is not good enough because home remodeling is not something that you’ll do every year.

When you are spending a considerable amount of money and investing in so much time, you deserve the best solution, nothing less than that will do. And there are not many interior designers who can give your house an amazing look, so be prepared to do some homework and research when looking for a talented Singapore Interior Design Company.

Not all interior designers are created equal—always remember that. Equally important is for you to remember that not every talented designer will be able to do justice to your project. Every interior designer has a signature style and even the most versatile of interior designers cannot work well on all projects.

So, how does one pick the best interior designer? Use these tips:

Do you know what you want?

Sometimes, homeowners know exactly what they want. Are you one of them? If yes, during the initial meeting, tell the designer about what you are after and ask him candidly if he can deliver the goods.

It’s equally common for homeowners to not know what would work best for them. You might have a vague idea (and even if you don’t, that too is perfectly fine) but nothing more than that. Experienced and talented interior designers are adept in gauging what will work best for a client, based on his inputs and tastes and their reading of his personality and style. Ask your interior designer to give you a rough sketch of the look he thinks will suit your house the best.

Don’t forget to ask for samples of past work

Every project is different, so look for an interior designer who has handled projects like yours. Ask the interior designers whom you interview to show you their past works. Going through the portfolio of different interior designers will give you a better chance of finding someone with relevant experience.

Finally, ask for references

So, you’ve found an interior designer who’s talented and possess relevant work experience. That’s great, but don’t bring him on board yet. There’s one more thing you need to check. Ask for references and speak to his previous clients. The best interior design Singapore companies will happily provide you references, so in case the shortlisted designer shows reluctance to share references, don’t waste your time on him. By speaking to a designer’s previous clients you can learn a lot about the person, especially how easy he is to work with, whether he can deliver the project within budget and on time, and if he can be trusted to take on extra responsibilities. Hire an interior designer only after you have spoken with his previous clients and are happy with what they say about him.