What to Expect From an Interior Designer?


Thinking of hiring an interior designer but feeling a little confused or intimidated? Well, an experienced and understanding interior designer can make a world of difference to your project. Here’s everything you needed to know about what to expect from an interior design consultancy Singapore and the reasons why you should hire one.

What to expect?

Everybody has an idea about what an interior designer do, but before you approach one you need more than a vague idea. You must know exactly what they do.

An interior designer is someone who can simplify the process of renovating or building. This they do by understanding your needs and creating solutions that fit your lifestyle and taste, as well as your budget. A talented interior designer remodels a particular space and makes it beautiful, attractive and functional. He or she can turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary.

You can expect the following from a good interior designer

  • Develop a keen understanding of what you want – Many clients know exactly what they want, even when they don’t have the means or time to achieve it. On the other hand, there are clients who have no clear idea of what they want, but they identify something as true to their taste and personality when they see it. Whether you belong to the first or second category, you can expect a talented interior designer to ask you many probing questions to develop a clear understanding what you want or what will make you happy.

  • Think out of the box – Because of their vast experience, interior designers can think out of the box and offer solutions that you thought didn’t exist. That’s why bringing a fresh, experienced pair of eyes to your project can do wonders.

  • Work within your budget – Is it possible to achieve the kind of look and feel you want within your budget? An experienced interior designer can tell you frankly what can be done within your budget. He or she can also ensure you make the best use of money, especially when the budget is limited. For instance, owing to their experience and network, they can help you get a similar kind of sofa set at a lower cost. Additionally, an experienced and reliable interior designer can ensure that emotional decisions are kept under check. Sometimes, emotional decisions can cause you to exceed the budget by a lot. However, with a third person, and that too a professional, guiding you, you will be easily able to avoid making emotional decisions.

  • Take on extra responsibilities – Often interior designers have their own team and if needed might take on extra responsibilities. For instance, they can liaison with contractors and help you find experienced and reliable professional like electrician, plumber, etc.  

  • Help you get a discount on merchandise – Many interior designers, especially best interior designer Singapore, have working relationships with vendors and so can help you procure merchandise, even branded products, at a discounted rate. However, remember that the interior designer will make his or her cut, but that shouldn’t bother you because you will be saving money.