How to Make a House Look More Spacious


Are you looking for innovative ways to make your home look more spacious? Well then, you are not alone. In Singapore, just like many other places, space is premium, and often apartments have less space than a family needs or wants. Thankfully, by using services of a reputable interior design company Singapore, you can utilize the available space more efficiently and, equally importantly, create the illusion of more space.

You can also take on a do-it-yourself renovation project if you have the confidence, vision, and time. With that said, hiring an expert makes better sense if you lack any of the three. Whether you go solo or rope in an expert, here are some smart ideas that make a room look more spacious. Have a look.

Give False Ceiling a Miss

While it’s true that false ceiling appears good, they can easily overwhelm a tiny space. That is why it is a great strategy to focus on simple decor and lightening. Pendant lights are extremely functional and the fact that they look great is a huge bonus. Opt for drop-down pendant lights which hang just inches from the table. This will ensure that cleaning or replacing bulbs will never be a problem.

Use Simple Colors

With help of a simple color scheme, you can make your home look and feel more open and airy. Another smart strategy is to opt for furniture that will help you utilize the available space more smartly. Additionally, do arrange your electrical appliances intelligently, for instance, using a customized TV console can make your living room bigger.

Utilize Every Inch Smartly

Opt for compartmentalization if the space available is limited. What compartmentalization does is that it will help reduce clutter and at the same time create an impression of having extra space. For instance, you can double up the dining area so that it can also be used as a snug corner where members can have private chat over coffee or tea. Another smart tip is to go for a platform bed having shelves which will give you extra storage space.

Furniture With Exposed Legs Works Like Charm

Is your living room small? Well, in that case, it is best you don’t opt for cumbersome furniture, no matter how great it looks to you. This is because bulky furniture will not only take a lot of space in a small living room but also make a room smaller than it actually is. On the other hand, furniture with exposed legs creates an illusion of more space. Chairs and tables with exposed legs let light filter through and this in turn also create a sense of lightness.

Install Glass Wall

In case you are interested in demarcating spaces using partitions but don’t want visually divide rooms, you should think about using glass walls. Glass walls offer two strong benefits. One, they allow light to easily flow in, and this, in turn, creates an illusion of spaciousness. Two, they give your house an ultra-modern look and feel.

You can trust a top-class Interior Design Consultancy Singapore to incorporate all these tips so that you are able to make your rooms look bigger and utilize the available space better.