Top Budget Decorating Secrets


Want to know decorating secrets that don’t cost you a fortune? Well, here is a list of top budget decorating secrets, which you can implement yourself or after receiving some guidance from an experienced interior design consultancy Singapore.

Remove Clutter by Building Shelves

Irrespective of how well you decorate your place, the key to showing off your smart designs is organization. An easy, simple, inexpensive and wonderfully effective way to remove clutter is building shelves, closet doors, or a desk.  

Opt for a Headboard

A great combination of function and form, headboards can be build using almost all materials, including fabric panels, hardwood featuring wrought-iron inlays, and illuminated acrylic. You can create a wonderful focal point in the bedroom by creating a headboard. A smartly built headboard will do a world of good to your room’s decor.

Use Multi-purpose Furnishings

How about using the same furnishing for two purposes? Well, this way you will save money, besides being able to utilize the space in your rooms better. For instance, you can go for couches which can function as a sofa in the day and a bed for guests at night. Similarly, buy or create ottomans having inbuilt storage.

Divide Space Intelligently

Do you want to demarcate space using partitions? Well, in that case, it would be a good idea to use glass walls. Glass walls give your house a modern look, besides creating the illusion of spaciousness. Your home will look not only more compelling but also more spacious.

Improve the Lighting

There’s not much sense in smartly designing a room if the lightening is not sufficient. You can transform a cave-like room into an inviting space by using lightening smartly. Chuck out the old lamp and install a new, bright lampshade. In case you want to express yourself more, you can go for drop-down cylinder pendants, which will give your bedroom a romantic feel.

Sew Yourself

Do you love sewing? Then why not save money by sewing your own bedding, window curtains, and pillows. You can refer to popular magazines or check out trending websites to get some inspiration.

Use the Ceiling Intelligently

You shouldn’t overlook the ceiling. The ‘fifth wall’, as it is often called, can help you add much style and personality to your room. Install a trendy light fixture to give the rooms a modern look and feel and make them look bigger than they actually are. Adding beams and painting the ceiling also are great ideas which you shouldn’t forget.

Shop Around

So what if your budget doesn’t allow you to bring home the dining chairs that you loved so much? Keep your eyes open, shop around, and use your contacts, because if you try hard enough, you can sometimes get amazing stuff at great prices. Think garage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales.

Consult a Designer

Think about consulting a reputable and talented Singapore interior design company. A one-off meeting with an experienced designer can help you understand how you can use the available space much better.