Smart Design Ideas for Small Spaces


Don’t let limited home space deter you from achieving all that you want to do. Here are some of the best design ideas for small spaces. Have a look.  

Use Kitchen Space Intelligently

Do you want to separate the dining area from the kitchen but nevertheless want to keep the space open, fluid, and airy? Then you should look past usual kitchen cupboards. While they are useful, they are hardly as impressive and eye-catching as open kitchen storage shelves. That’s why the best interior design Singapore companies recommend their clients the latter, and it’s hardly surprising. Space is a premium in Singapore, so the need of the hour are smart design ideas which can help homeowners make every inch count. One can easily convert a small kitchen into 2 separate rooms using a smart wall divider. Moreover, floor-to-ceiling are extremely suitable for storing and displaying your pretty glassware and favorite items.

Use Bedroom Space Smartly

So your bedroom is small and can’t even fit a simple workstation? Well, you should check the room layout again. According to top designers, letting no extra space go unused is the best practical strategy when you are dealing with limited space in a bedroom. For example, even a simple nook between closets can be used for something useful. You can turn the space into a simple workstation and if you want, you can even add a couple of small shelves above the desk, where you can store a few books to form a mini-library. However, remember that you must build the desk into the wall. This way, your workstation will not take much room and you will still have almost as big an open path as before.

Use Narrow Shelves on the Wall in the Bathroom

Slim wall shelves offer you a great way to stylishly place bathroom essentials. Use stylish canisters for storing lotion, cotton balls, and cotton swabs. Unsightly toiletries can go below the vanity. You can also place a tiny wicker basket on your shelves to store additional items.

Multipurpose Space

At times, you might have to use the same space for more than one purpose. For example, you might have to use the same space for your guest bedroom as well as home office. You can create a workable solution while maintaining style and decor by using the surrounding walls intelligently. You can create a simple workstation built into the wall and connect an intelligently hidden Murphy bed to it, which you can conveniently pull out if a guest is staying overnight. In the daytime, you can conceal the bed and turn the space into a spacious workspace.

Use Light Colors

When space is limited, you should stay away from dark hues. Instead, use light colors which will create an illusion of spaciousness.

Curtain Divider

Earlier we said that a glass wall is a great way to divide a room into two different entities. Well, sometimes a sheer curtain can have the same effect. For example, you can add a sheer curtain to add a dash of style in your home as well as to visually separate the living room from your dining space.

You can implement all of these ideas on your own. However, it will also be a good idea to approach an Interior Design Consultancy Singapore for assistance.