Getting the Best From Your Interior Designer


Are you planning to hire an interior designer? If yes, then you should also know how to get the best from him.

Decorators work with soft furnishings such as rugs and fabrics, accessories, furniture, and colors to give an amazing look to your rooms and the entire house. However, every decorating job, big or small, begins with a talk session between two people: the homeowner and the interior designer.

The initial meeting is the time when you should discuss everything, from style and color preferences to project’s scope and budget, with your interior design company Singapore. Whether you want to hire a professional for a single day to get some great ideas which you can implement yourself or work with an interior designer closely from beginning to completion of your project, it is necessary that you discuss as much as possible in the initial meeting.

Apart from this, keep in mind the following tips which help you get the best out of your designer.

Communication is everything

In case you think that hiring a designer will be the last decision that you would be making as far as home decoration is concerned, think again. A designer facilitates the whole decoration process, but it is your house and so you must give him inputs. The more detailed your inputs, the better it will be for the designer. For instance, in case you saw something in a magazine or elsewhere that you liked, show your designer the photographs.

It’s not all about picking the right furniture, color, and fabric

Your house should just not reflect your tastes and preferences. It should also be a reflection of your personality, life philosophy, and passions. Though experienced interior designers know how to get this information out from their clients, you can make the job so much easier by sharing information regarding these things with your designer. You would be surprised how much these inputs from you will help your designer to give your home an amazing personalized look and feel.

It’s your job to define the budget

You can give your designer either a figure to use or a free hand to do the best he thinks without worrying about the budget. Usually, it’s best to define the budget. This is something you would have to do or you can sit with the shortlisted Interior Design Consultancy Singapore and use their inputs to define a budget.

Keep the timeframe realistic

You wouldn’t want to hurry your designer because that would prevent him from completing the job to the best of his ability, which in turn will reflect in the final product. Home decoration is nothing something that we do often, so it is important that you keep enough time for the project. If you are worried that your designer might slow the project deliberately, it is best you ask him to quote a fixed figure for the project, rather than billing you hourly.

With these tips in mind, you can ensure that the final product meets your expectations.