Interior Design vs. Interior Decorating: What’s The Difference?


After much deliberation, you’ve finally made the decision: you need to redo parts of your home. In your mind, you have the plan ready for what needs to be done. You also know to a great degree about how things need to be done to get the desired result. However, you don’t have the time for the task and know that you need to rope in a professional. So, you start searching for a suitable person but find that some list themselves as interior decorators and others as interior designers. This has raised a few pertinent questions in your head like is there any difference between the two? If yes, which one you need for your project: an experienced interior design company Singapore or a talented interior decorator? And, equally importantly, how to ensure the professional you hire is the most suitable person for your project?

 Read on to know the answers to these questions. 

What is Interior Design?

An interior designer needs to have specific schooling. Such a person also needs to undergo formal training. The kind of work an interior designer does typically include a deep understanding of color and fabric, having CAD training, and studying space planning, drawing, architecture, furniture design, etc. Fresh graduates, usually first gain experience through an apprenticeship for a few years before starting their own business.

Interior designers can help you with spatial planning. They can also help design renovation plans for interiors and implement them. Interior designers don’t merely improve the look of a room; they make it more functional as well.

What is Interior Decorating?

As interior decorators focus mainly on aesthetics, they don’t require formal schooling or training. Usually, decorators don’t take part in the process of structural planning or renovations. Their main focus is on improving the surface look of the space and comes into the picture only after structural planning and renovations are complete.

There are many courses and programs available for interior decorators. The main focus can differ from course to course. Some focus more on room layouts and space planning, while others might lay greater stress on learning color, fabric, and furniture styles.

Who should you hire?

Your needs, more than anything else, govern who’s more suitable for you. In case what you need to do is make structural changes, like making space by getting rid of a wall, adding brand new windows, moving around plumbing, etc., you would be much better off by finding yourself a reputable, experienced, and talented interior design consultancy Singapore. Such a player would understand your needs better and will be better equipped to deliver a solution that suits your needs and preference.

However, in case you don’t need any structural changes but require help in picking a suitable style, like choosing lighting, paint, furnishings, and wallpaper; picking door and window treatments; selecting new curtains, etc., you should look to hire an internal decorator. 

So, now you know whether an interior designer or interior decorator is more suited to your project. When short listing a candidate, ensure you check his or her experience and samples of previous work. It is equally important to ask the person to give you some references and then to speak to previous clients to know their opinion. This way you can pick the best person for your project.