6 Questions You Must Ask Your Interior Designer


Looking to hire an interior designer but are not sure about what questions to ask him or her in the first meeting?

Well, worry not, because we have compiled 6 most important questions you should ask an interior designer before hiring. Take a look.

How do you charge?

Most designers either have a room or hourly rate. Rate per room is more concrete because you know the cost of the project upfront. Some designers charge exorbitant hourly rate, like $150/hour or even more, and cost to you can increase very quickly.

The overall price depends mainly on two things: scope of the project and expertise level of the interior designer. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to do some research to learn the average cost of hiring an interior design consultancy Singapore. With this figure in hand, you can easily check if the rate quoted by your interior designer is reasonable or not.

When are the fees due?

Always sign a letter of agreement or design agreement when hiring a designer. A letter of agreement allows you to schedule payment. Many designers charge 50 percent upfront and the second half after completion. Some prefer setting up a schedule for payment. Whatever the fee structure, you must make sure that you know in advance when each payment is due. This will allow you to prevent any delay because of payment issue.

Will you offer me discount on products?

Top interior designers often have established working relationships with other designers, manufacturers and retailers. They purchase products from them at discounted prices and pass on a part of the total discount to their customers. For instance, a sofa set from a retailer with a price tag of $1000 might cost your designer $500, who might offer you it for $700. It’s a win-win situation for both: you save $300 on the purchase while your designer earns $200 on the deal.

What are your specialities?

Most designers are better at certain things than others. You should opt for a designer whose specializes in the style you’ve in mind. For instance, if you want a bold design for your home, you’ll be much better off aligning with a designer who specializes in modern design than one who’s an expert in conventional design.

Have you worked on projects similar to mine?

If you’re expecting a baby, would you choose a doctor who has never delivered a child before?

Of course, you wouldn’t. Ask your interior designer to show you proof of their earlier work that’s similar to yours.

Are you willing to give me some references?

Speak to previous clients of the shortlisted interior designer and ask them about their experience. You can also ask their opinion about certain specific things, like the designer’s ability to work within the stipulated budget or time period. The best interior design Singapore company will be more than happy to provide potential clients with references, so there’s no excuse for opting for someone who’s reluctant to provide them.