Tips on How to Hang Pictures at Home

Whether its photo frames or display pictures for adorning your walls, doing them justice would mean knowing exactly how to hang them. Whereas displaying precious artwork beautifully could seem like a major undertaking for most, it is actually a very simple task. Here are some guidelines interior design consultancy will suggest.

Choosing the right kind of artwork

There are no hard and fast rules here. Even though you might have that special liking for colonial art, you can still include them in your contemporary setup! In fact, the contrast will be quite magnificent. Simply go for artworks you would love living with.

Be Brutal about downsizing

 If you already have a stock of artwork to display, it is important to be brutal when you downsize. Some may have lost their charm with time, some may have become irrelevant. These need to be done away with. There is no point in adding to the clutter when you plan your gallery wall. Zero on the best among your collection that you wish to display.

Arrange them first

Consider arranging your pictures on the floor first before getting them on the wall. Consider experimenting with different sizes, shapes and dimensions. Choose a central focal point for your artwork and arrange the other pieces around it. Make sure you choose a scheme that complements the dimensions of the room. Elaborate arrangements work just fine with larger rooms whereas sleeker spaces will require compact designs for the right appeal.

Get the height right

Whereas the height you choose will depend on the pattern you have chosen for arranging your frames, it is never advisable to hang pictures too high on the wall. The ideal height could be between 155 to about 160cms from the ground. The idea is, you should not be looking up or down at them. It should be on the same level as your eye contact when you are seated.

Choose your spaces judiciously

 Bedrooms are meant for unwinding and relaxation. Therefore, ideally, you should be using pastel colored, pretty images for adorning these spaces. Dining rooms can be used for more serious kind of pictures. Artworks in the hallway are likely to receive least focus; therefore, simple prints can be used for adorning the walls. Focus areas like the space above the fireplace mantle should be reserved for something special like a royal oil painting and the likes. Also make sure you keep the factors of proportion and balance in mind. If you are hanging something on top of a chest or the fireplace platform, do not leave too much space between the frame and the top. In case there is space, fill it up with a clock or similar.

Ensure the positioning is right

Whereas using a spirit level will help in positioning your frames symmetrically, trusting your eyes is best. This is a two person job. Ask someone to check the leveling as your fix the pictures.

Ideally, you must ask your interior design specialists to suggest the perfect arrangement for your pictures. You can also seek professional assistance for arranging your artwork perfectly.