Home Décor Ideas for Busy Professionals

Planning the perfect home décor can be both fun and fulfilling. It is one of those projects that can bring the entire family together. However, the problem is designing, planning and then executing a perfect home can be a hugely time consuming task. Most of us are way too busy to dedicate that kind of time. Hiring an interior design specialist may not be a budget friendly idea for many. So what can you do? Here are some smart ideas busy professionals can adhere to when it comes to home décor.

Always Keep Cleaning in Mind

 Remember, home cleaning can be a huge headache and if you are always short on time, keeping your home free from dust, allergens and dirt could be a stiff challenge. So, when you are designing, always keep cleaning in mind. Like, if you are short, consider placing artifacts at a moderate height. Use modular furniture that can be dismantled and cleaned. Consider wooden flooring for easy mopping and cleaning and so on. Use dark colors on the walls since they don’t get dirty easily and can be cleaned with less effort. For sofas, consider leather or faux leather. You can use a damp cloth for wiping the dirt and dust. Cotton and polyester should be avoided since they are notorious for getting stained.

Go Classic not Trendy

 Designing your home once is time consuming enough. Going with the prevailing trends would mean changing your entire décor when the trend transforms! And this can prove to be a Herculean feat for busy professionals. Sticking to classic designs is always better. Like for instance, choose neutral shades, stick to classic décor elements like flowers and lamps. Do not choose furniture that’s too abstractly styled or kind of over the top. It is better to stick to classic options rather than go for eclectic ones that might require frequent revamping.

Buy Multipurpose Furnishings

Furnishings are not for decorative purposes alone. They also need to be utilitarian. Although you may end up being impressed with the aesthetics of a furnishing item, it is not wise to invest in it unless it serves your purpose. Furnishings should be multipurpose. Like, a sofa set with storage and pull out guest bed provision is more suited than a sofa alone. This saves space and optimizes cost too. You also have fewer items to clean, replace or exchange, whenever the need arises.

Stay Organized to Save Time

If you are always short on time, staying organized is kind of mandatory. What you need to do is invest in closets with small racks, compartments, drawers and the like. Use these to keep your items sorted and in perfect order. This helps to save time when you are looking for stuff. Also, cleaning and rearranging becomes a whole lot simpler when you have sorted out your stuff in different compartments, racks and drawers.

In order to add aesthetic touches to your premise, add some soft furnishings like cushions, pillows and rugs. Also consider using floating candles and light weight lamp shades for adding that touch of warmth. Keep it simple and portable.