Interior Design Tips for Recently Divorced Men

A divorce can be an extremely stressful process to go through. Disassociating yourself from someone who has been so deeply attached to your life is certainly not easy. Moreover, if kids are involved, it becomes all the more painful for the entire family. However, once the initial turmoil and turbulence has settled down, you might want to look at life from a fresh perspective. And changing the interiors of your home could be one of the best ways to make a fresh start. Here are some interior design tips that can help.

Start by Doing Away with Unpleasant Memories

One of the best starts would be to indulge in a culling operation. Pick and throw out everything that can bring back memories concerning your ex. It could be anything ranging from a large closet to a tiny photo-frame. Every single item must go. Remember, fresh beginnings cannot be made unless you do away with the past. Make sure there is nothing that causes negative vibes. Once you have chosen the articles you want to do away with, reassess the available space in your home before choosing an interior design plan.

Open your Mind to New Ideas and Themes

 It could so be that your home has always been decorated using ornate artifacts or with a predominant woody theme. These could be in accordance with your ex wife’s tastes. One good way to bring about change is to open your mind to new ideas. Think of themes that are of interest to you. Choose something that’s totally different and out of the box! You should design keeping your personal likes and dislikes in mind. This will give you a sense of identity.


One simple way to create the right theme for your premise is to rearrange. Shift around your existing furniture for a new look. For instance, you can change the location of your TV cabinet and even shift your bed to the living space for a while. Not having to sleep alone in the bedroom you so lovingly shared with your ex, will help.

Choose a Color that Peps you Up

Oftentimes, colors are decided upon after mutual discussion. So, if there is a specific color you wanted, now is the time to get it done. If you have always wanted turquoise red walls, go ahead and get it painted. Choosing bright and vibrant colors also helps in uplifting your mood.

Concentrate on Proper Lighting

Nothing feels better than a brightly lit room, especially when you might not be in the best mood. Consider changing the light fittings of your home suitably. Choose diffused lighting for the sleeping space and bright ones for your living room. If you have the budget for it, invest in new lamp shades and light fittings that add to the aesthetic charm of the premise.

Consider New Upholstery

Buying new upholstery will also add a fresh touch to the décor. You can replace your curtains with blinds for a new look. Investing in new towels, blankets, bed sheets, covers and pillow cases will also add a touch of variety to the existing home décor.

A divorce may not be all that stressful after all. It could also be a chance to live life afresh on your own terms. And changing your home décor could be the perfect start.


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