How to Design Your Home to Make it Look more Expensive

Just because you built your home on a budget does not mean you cannot make it look experience. Some simple interior design steps can go a long way to improve the look and feel of your adobe. All you need is to use your creativity or seek professional help from an interior design consultancy in Singapore. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some ways to make your home look more expensive.

Colorful walls

Coating the walls of the room with quality paint would be an awesome idea. However, for best results, your choice of colors should be perfect. If your furniture is light colored, you should go for rich colors. Avoid certain shades, such as, white and light yellow as they may make the walls look quite dull. 

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers not only smell good but also provide a natty look to your home. They can be placed anywhere, from the living room to the bed side table. You can either go for different colored flowers or with single color flower. Don’t opt for artificial flowers as they may ruin the beauty of your house.

Use proper lighting

Instead of standard prefer bold and classic lights. Chandeliers are the best to create the magic of lights. You can hang them to any of the rooms – in the bedroom, living room, above the dining table. In Singapore, Chandeliers are very famous for home decors not only because they are fantabulous but also of their low-cost.

High dangling curtains

 High ceiling is the main embellishment of luxurious homes. You can also have high ceilings in your home with the help of optical illusion. All you have to do is to hang the curtains as close to the ceilings as possible.  You will notice the ceilings will appear high by raising the curtains.

Use picture frames

Purchase picture frames of shades like silver, chrome or any of your choices. Place them on side tables. They are helpful to give your rooms an authentic look. Avoid shades which may look cheap.

You can go for hanging famous art works of Singapore in the walls of your rooms. This will give your house a creative as well as a classic look at the same time.

Upgrade your furniture

Buying new furniture is quite expensive; however you can make small changes to the present piece of furniture. These decorative changes will take them from mediocre to marvelous looks. You can change the fabric of the furniture or can paint them and can give them terrific glance.

Enclose your TV inside a frame

Framing of your flat screen TV is one of the innovative and unique ideas. This way, you can even surprise your guests. Consider using a colorful, designer cover that goes well with the interior design theme of your home.

Include an antique piece

Keeping an antique piece in your living room will articulate your sense of abstruseness.  They also give an impression of lavishness. The antique piece could be anything, such as, mirror, accessory or side tables.


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