How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger


So what if you spend less time in the bathroom than the rest of your house? Even if you don't have a large bathroom, it can be made to look like one. The idea is to make the space look cleaner and relaxed. From recessed medicine cabinets to clear shower curtains, there are interior design hacks to maximize whatever space there is. Invest in towel rods and baskets to stow unnecessary clutter. Here's how to make a bathroom look bigger.

Use the same color for the ceiling and the walls

Using the same colors for most of the area is generally a good idea in interior design. Pale colors like pastels and whites are good options. Using the same color as the walls for the ceiling is even more important if the latter is angled. However, if you have a flat ceiling, keep the shade lighter.

Make use of natural light

It is a common tendency to keep a bathroom reliant on extra lighting. This works fine in bathrooms that naturally have more space. To allow natural light and yet retain privacy, get frosted glass and sheer curtains instead of dark shades. For bathrooms that don't have windows, consider skylights or solatubes.

Use mirrors

Probably the best idea to make a bathroom look bigger is to use mirrors in your interior design. However, discuss their placing with your interior designer before mounting them. In a small bathroom, mirrors should not reflect the towel rail or the toilet. Mirrors can also lend visual width to narrow bathrooms. Mirrors mounted opposite to each other create the impression of a never-ending bathroom. Use lamps to amplify the effect.

Go for a bigger tile size

Firstly, go for the same tiles for the entire room. Small tiles have more grout lines, leading to breaking up of space. Even if you are planning a bathroom renovation, you can replace your current tiles with bigger tiles. Even the flooring should flow in well with the walls. Having inconsistent flooring and wall design can break up the space.

Utilize the power of open shelving

Open shelves lead the eye from one wall to another, so invest in good quality stand-alone and built-in cabinetry. Open shelving is the best option for storing soaps, towels, and glass canisters. On the other hand, store cleaning supplies, laundry, and other personal items in decorative bins and woven baskets.

Capitalize on vertical space

Illusions of extra space can be created also by utilizing vertical space. Choose shower curtains with vertical stripes to create the appearance of a higher ceiling. For the walls, choose a wallpaper with a lattice design or small-scale prints. Avoid busy patterns since they minimize the scale.

Opt for clear glass inside

Much like open shelving, clear glass lets the gaze shift smoothly across the room. This creates more visual room in the entire interior design. On the other hand, compartmentalized spaces appear smaller. Invest in shower curtains and sliding glass doors, which can help achieve seamlessness. Make sure you have clear glass, since textured glass can create a visual barrier. 


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